A Solid State, Over Unity, Electric Generator

January 2010

I have used hundreds of hours looking at YOUTUBE video, of crapp-stof. Thinks you would not believe that people would put on the net, and things like toys for children - Only very few interesting things, about FREE ENERGY, and promising inventions that works to a level, but not yet commercially on the marked.

Then I saw some interesting videos of Dr. James B. Schwartz, and this one is my favorite: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ufi9179ybZ4
and though, "maybe there is something in this, I had to look in to, even the physical law says some other things".
You cane search him and find more.

Many people have tried to make a Over Unity Solid State device - some with success other with only limited success, other again with no success.

Studying the INTERNET, I found some very interesting descriptions, but no to easily copy. Also a lot of Patent is available.

A lot of description from Nicola Tesla, The Forgotten Scientist, my very best inspiring inventor.

The first Patent I found was Hans Coler here (PDF), and a description of his device here with more LINK's to other descriptions.
This construction inspired me to try to make something like that myself, but finding the price of magnet bars ( 6 pcs. more than 130 EU ),
I look on other patent. 
The "English Intelligent Report"
here, also said that it was not easy to tune to work, so I skipped it.

Lester Hendershot's "Fuel less Motor", and another "Story of Free Energy", here, was also inspiring.

Heinrich Kunel's Patent: (DE3024814) from 1982, here (PDF), is cataloged as a "Class C Over Unity Devices, COP > 1.00" - read more here!, and a lot of many other invention. 

My background:

As Experimental HAM-RADIO Amateur since 1971, I know a little about electricity, but nothing special about MAGNETS and there power, so I started by reading all about magnets, and found the mathematic behind the solid state generators, here (PDF) (properly mostly CRAPP), and then I started my experimenting about magnets from SCRATZ.

What I found about magnets in General.


Start to build the Unit

Here I am at the moment.

More to come...