Solid State SD-input/output-simulated taperecorder for vintage AIM65

Many years ago i had my first computersystem, an Rockwell AIM65.

Starting with 2 tape-player for storage program, I later expandet it with diskcontroller and 2 doublesided doubledensity 5,25 floppy disks. I also expandet it with 24x80 charakter screen-display and 32 K Bytes exstra RAM, in all 36 k Byte.

The systemn also includet eeprom burner, so it was no problem the rewrite the monitor and get it working together with the screen and floppydisks.

I could 2-pass assemble big codes fra one floppy to the another, and expanded the BASIC-ROMs with a complete disk I/O system, ekvivalent to the Commodore64 12 K BASIC, and it worked very fine.

As RADIOAMATEUR i had many programs working for HAM's, and CW, RTTY and SlowscanTV was some of them, so many HAM's was very interested in my system, and I sold about 40 AIM65 systems to danish HAM's.

All of this interesting things ended with a new job and a DOS-system computer came into the shack in 1982-83.

The old AIM65 was in the garage for many years until it ended on the dump. :(

A year ago, a HAM-friend gave me a old AIM65 he had in his garage, and after cleaning and a little service, I have it up and running.

Lock at it here!!

SO NOW... I am going into nostalgig mode...

In a box from that time I found some 2532 EEPROMs, and I hope they still works.

I want to be able to do the same assembling as earlyer, from one tapestation to another, but now with a SOLID STATE UNIT's.


Experimenting with the Solid State Taperecorder:

IF I ever get it up and running, and i hope I will, then I would have 2 SD-disk's on a board, and I think the MEGA2560 have enough power to deal with the speed for both of them.

NOW... Next step is trying to load a program from the Solid State-Tapestation. 

Feb. 2020