A friend gave me this old vintage AIM65 from Rockwell - (1975)

      Well... No 24 Volt yet... "PRINTER DOWN"

Wondering about the limit of installed RAM, only 1K on board, I looked closer to the motherboard and found ...

... this BLACK devel...

Had som 2114 RAM, so now there is 3 K RAM onboard.

What is this blok of things ???

 This is a watch-krystal, so it must be a "System Watch Interface"

Interfaced to the expanding Bus here...

Pin used is:

White, Yellow, Gray and Green = D0 - D3



BROWN = + 5 Volt

BLACK = GND (0 Volt)

NO other connection under the PCB !!!

I can remowe the connector from the bus, without any problem, NOTHING happends...

BUT BUT BUT... Not so clever made...

It hangs up the lower part of RAM-memory, so I remowed it from the AIM65.