Project BackYard - October 2005

A workshop in the BackYard has bin a wishes for a long time.

Now I start-up the project!

the 1. Oct. 2005

The 3. Oct. 2005

It takes form....

The 5. Oct. 2005

The 6. Oct. 2005

Still no antenna in the tower... The weather is also perfect to stay outdoors - temp. 18 C...

This little fellow was visiting me (taken ½ meter from him)

He was not afraid of me, and if I took a step backwards, he just followed me... funny...

The 7. Okt. 2005

The 8. Oct. 2005

To day I have bin in Stubbekøbing and pick up the ruff with my friend John Bo.

I was back in Gerlev kl. 12.30, and Bjarne, my son in law, helped me to put up the ruff.
Later I sealed the ruff.

The 9. okt. 2005

The 12. okt. 2005

The 15. okt. 2005

The 17. okt. 2005

The 28. okt. 2005


The 9. nov. 2005

Today i made the workbench...