A shorted DIPOL for 40 meter Band

My friend an HAM-follow in the local club Steen, OZ3SW have designed a Shorted Dipol  (PDF) in 2003, and described it in Danish Language.

It is made of two pcs.  6 meter long fiber-fishing rods ( the 5,4 meter was no more)

I think it is a very good antenna, after a try in the program MMANA from EZNEC giving this result:

As you se, at the point from center 2,05 meter out i placed a coil 12.35 uH on both arms.

As wire I used RG174 from start to end, beginning with the coils, ended up with no soldering.
At the center I connected the shield with the feeder, so the size of wire had most cobber and 2 mm diameter.

Remark: If you go from 13.8 meter over ground, that is my MAX, to f.eks. 18 meter over ground you would have a mush lower and therefor better

My friend Steen, OZ3SW have his dipol at 18 meter, se the difference:


FUN for MONEY... It is a cheep an well working antenna to do by yourself -max 50 US $, so with a weight under 2,5 kg it would fit into most tower-antenna-constructions, and give you fine DX'es and very mush pleasure pr. $ then other antennas.

Vy 73 de OZ6YM, Palle