Thoughts about the rechargeable batteries

According to the expertise, these batteries should be the best on the market today (Jan. 2018), but newer ones may come along.

They are described in more detail here:

.. by the manufacturer Panasonic, and I have always had the idea that a security circuit should be used to check the charge of these batteries.

So I have vacuumed the Internet for good ideas to make such a circuit, and then I encountered this little fix device on, and I realized that I would not have to spend Too much time to reinvent something that is already on the market and at a very reasonable price.

There are many offers on e-bay, including some cheaper than this model, but I chose it because of the PROTECTION IC, and getting it delivered a bit faster than waiting for the end of April to get the batteries safely recharged.

That's what happened to this unit: (3 pcs for 76.60 dkr.)

For well 25 kr. pcs can not waste too much time to reinvent such dimmers here.

In fact, it's just time to sit with the fog and find out. where I can fish leg 12 out of it and then figure out what it can be used to control.

It should also be checked whether it is possible to wire it up as shown, and then let these wires be connected to the charger while the batteries are in normal use. If not ... then something has to be invented that can disconnect these connections.

The dimming can be built into the box so that an external power supply is only needed to recharge the batteries.

In any event, additional connectors must be attached to connect the external power supply, and perhaps some relay or switz should be made for the separate wires to the batteries.

See the text further down

This works just fine and no further checks are required:

Set the 1.625 Amp power limiter and turn the voltage up to 13-14 volts on your power supply. This is what Panasonic prescribes.

Connect the power supply to PLUS and MINUS, and wait for power consumption to be disconnected and display 0.

The diagram shows the switch's battery charging setting and it is seen that if the switch is in reverse mode, there is only GND connection to the circuit and plus 12.6 Volt, both of which move on to the Antenna Analyzer.

It has been necessary to adjust for software reading of the 12.6 Volt, which is now read 200 times and then divided by 200. If this is not done, the voltage measurement will stand and jump as many humm phenomena.

The resulting delay is irrelevant.