Simpel HAM-interface between FT 847 and  PC.

The OZ1PIF-Modem:
Originally made by OZ1PIF, Peter, and have bin working now for many years here in my shack, on Yeasu FT817, Yeasu FT847 and an old FT757 with no problem.

Works perfectly in ALL-DIGI:  CW, JP65, PSKxx, RTTY, and SSTV!

Consist of 2 x 600 Ohm normal telephone-transformator 600:600 Ohm, (taken from some old telephone-modems)
and 2 pc. optokobler 4N33, plus some resistors, diodes and capacitors.

If you do not have a seriel port (9 pole) for CW-transmitting, you can add a "USB to SERIAL interface" - I do that!!
Put it all in a little box, and mount 2 x 1 K Ohm potentiometers on the front to adjust the sound IN- and OUTput.
There are 2 x LED-diode to indicate PORT-ACTIVITY, one for PTT, and one for CW.
We do not want some RF into the computer, so the the Ferrit beeds is trying to do that!

DTR, pin 4 on the serie db9 connector is the PTT, goes true a opto-coubler 4N33, and to DATA in/out on the FT 847 together with LINE OUT - TIP on a 3,5 mm. phoneJack-plug.
RTS, pin 7 on the serie db9 connector is the CW-keying port, goes true a opto-coubler 4N33, and into the FT 847 CW-keyer-plug.

By this, NO direct physical connection between RIG and Computer, and NO added power needed to the MODEM.


CW-keying from Computer:


The amazing program CWTYPE.EXE from DXSOFT: ( ) is doing fine in this SETUP:

In that configuration, the SETUP og CWTYPE is like this - works in both Win. XP and Win. 7.
My "USB to SERIAL interface" is configured as COM 4.

MUX and Paddle:

This is my SETUP:

Now, just start to use CWTYPE.
de OZ6YM, Palle